Acer Aspire 5100: Keyboard and Trackpad not responsive

Client gave me their laptop today saying “I never shut it off. Last night, all was good. This morning, moved the external mouse to wake it up, but it didn’t wake up. Shut it off, turned it on. Nothing. Neither the mouse, the trackpad nor the keyboard work.”

I tried an external USB keyboard. Nope. I can’t even press F2 to enter the BIOS. So, it’s clearly not a Windows issue.

Sadly, the BIOS is set up to first go to HDD, then LAN, then CD/DVD, so I can’t even boot off a DVD. 😦

I’ve done the obligatory search on Google, but so far nothing. I’ve taken the battery out, pressed the power button for 30 seconds with no battery and no charger. I’ve looked for the J2 jumper under the memory to short it out and reset the BIOS, but there is no jumper.

Someone suggested a PC Card to USB adapter, but how will that work? If I plug it in, it won’t work until the drivers are loaded, but since I can’t use the mouse or type, how am I supposed to get the drivers to load? I can hope that the Plug-and-Play will work, but I’m not holding my breath.

I happen to have another client’s Acer handy. Very similar model. I tried the keyboard from one in the other. Nope. I tried an external wired mouse. Nope.

It seems that the optical drive is not spinning correctly. I mean, it feels like it’s sluggish. Does that indicate an electrical problem?

My current thoughts are: BIOS was updated automatically (that doesn’t happen though, does it?), the power to the system is insufficient,  or more serious motherboard failure.

Time for bed. More thoughts later.


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One response to “Acer Aspire 5100: Keyboard and Trackpad not responsive”

  1. zonkeringeneva says :

    Based on extensive reading, it seems that this “just happens” to this model of Acer and that Acer is very non-responsive to customer complaints. Another example of “it’s old, just buy a new one” mentality.

    I hate that.

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