Sharing USB printer with Time Capsule on Macs and PCs

I was at a client today who has both Macs and Windows PCs. She has an Apple Time Capsule to back up her iMac and wanted to share her USB printer with it, too. Piece of cake.

  1. Connect USB printer to Mac and install it with the correct drivers.
  2. Connect the printer to the Time Capsule and configure it with Airport Utility.
  3. Download and install Apple’s Bonjour for Windows on each PC.
  4. Install the drivers on the PC (which might require plugging the printer in directly).
  5. Use Bonjour to discover the Time Capsule-shared USB printer for each PC.


The client also asked about using the Time Machine with Windows computers. Wouldn’t that be cool if they came out with a Windows version? Yeah, it would be cool.


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