HP Pavilion Slimline: Designed by Rube Goldberg?

A few days ago, a client called me because the power supply in their computer was dead. I picked up the computer and confirmed that the computer still worked and all I’d need to do is replace the power supply.

Easier said than done.

In order to remove the power supply, I had to remove: the HP Pocket Media Drive Bay, the hard disk, the front panel, the optical disk, the cage that holds them both, the media reader, the graphics card and …….. the motherboard. Well, I could have left the motherboard and removed the CPU and fan, but I didn’t want to deal with the heat paste later on.

Let me summarize that.

In order to replace *just* the power supply, I had to take apart the whole computer.

Whoever came up with that design: you must be stupid, stupid, stupid.


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