Lacie Drives, Designed by Porsche – Who Cares?!

I picked up an external hard drive from a client today. It’s one of these Lacie drives, designed by F. A. Porsche and honestly, why does that matter?

Internally, it’s a Seagate disk like so many others. Externally, there are no screws. That looks good, but it has no real purpose and furthermore means that it will likely get scratched or something if ever it needs to be opened. Like today.

And then, internally, it’s so tightly packed together that removing the disk for diagnostics was too much trouble. I kept thinking I was going to bend/break something. Luckily, I didn’t.

Finally, I see that the internal disk is an old IDE drive, not a newer SATA drive. That means that they slapped a fancy box on older technology in order to get rid of old stock.

Putting a Porsche chassis on a VW Bug might have been cool, but it doesn’t make it go 0–60 in nothing flat.


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