Dell Recovery Partition Shortcut not working

Another recovery partition problem.

This time, I got a client’s Dell computer. No problem. Back up all data, press Control-F11 during boot up and we’re good to go. Right? Wrong!

The shortcut key was not working. I tried several variations and timing and so on, but to no avail. Argh. I contacted the client and they didn’t have any CDs to use. Argh argh.

Back to Google. And, again I struck pay dirt.

I don’t know who Dan Goodell is, but he put together the Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition page and it’s great. Basically, what I did was burn his DSRFix to a CD, booted from the CD, used PTEDIT.EXE to change some partition information, rebooted the CD, changed to C: (which is now the recovery partition) and manually started the Norton Ghost recovery process.

Pure gold!

Thanks, Dan!


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