Have your online credentials been compromised?

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 14.04.50Several times in the last few years, including earlier this year, criminals have broken into companies’ (Adobe, Yahoo, Sony to name a few) websites and stolen their user databases and then posted them online for others to see, download, browse, etc The databases contain email addresses and corresponding passwords, although these are encrypted. But, with faster and faster computers, with distributed computing (many computers working together on the same task) and with published lists of encrypted passwords, these encrypted passwords are not as safe as you’d like them to be.

A new website (www.haveibeenpwned.com) has launched to help you know if you’re account with these six companies is among the list of compromised accounts. It has a very simple interface: load the home page, enter your email address that you use with any of the six services, click the “pwned?” button and you’ll get a Yes or No response.

Bookmark this site for future reference. I’m sure other sites will be compromised in a similar fashion in the coming years. <sigh>

Note Bene: if you log in to Adobe.com with your gmail.com email address, being on this list does *not* mean you need to change/reset the password you use to read your email. It means that you need to change/reset the Adobe.com password that is associated with it.