Post Finance: “Bitte Warten”

A client called me recently saying that she couldn’t load web pages, and she couldn’t access the Post Finance e-banking page to make some payments. She told me that she entered the login information on the first page, she would this:

Bitte Warten
Bitte Warten…

And then the browser would redirect to the Google home page after about 3 seconds (not three minutes).

This is a trojan horse/virus/whatever that was trying to gain access to the bank account, do whatever it wanted for three minutes and then would “fail”.

Luckily, PostFinance (and most other banks) have a two-step login process, so the criminals didn’t gain access to the bank account.

I scanned the computer with an anti-virus program (found 3-4 infections) and an anti-malware program (4-5 infections) and tried it again, but this “Bitte Warten” (“Please Wait”) message was still there. I told the client the best/fastest/surest way of cleaning out the problem would be to re-install Windows after backing up all data.

I also contacted the Post Finance people with a description of the problem, and a screen shot. They actually called me back within 30 minutes and told me they know about this trojan and they have been recommending to their clients to re-install Windows.

So, today, the system is clean, the data was saved/restored and the bank account was verified to be untouched.


As I’ve said many times before, there are 2-3 things that can be done to mitigate / avoid this kind of problem.

  1. Don’t use an Admin account every day for personal accounts.
  2. Make sure the Admin password is very secure
  3. Scan the computer regularly with both an anti-virus (AVG, Avast and Avira are great and free) and an anti-malware program (I use MBAM or Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware) to be safe on all fronts.

If you do this, you should feel good about the security of your system and the minimal likelihood that your computer will be compromised from afar.