iPhone Hint: Accessing the Camera from the Lock Screen

Recently, I was watching a performance and noticed a woman in the row in front of me taking photos from time to time with her iPhone. Each time she wanted to take a picture, she:

  1. Pressed the on/off button to show the Lock Screen.
  2. “Slide to unlock”
  3. Typed in her 4-digit code
  4. Found the screen with the Camera app (as it was not in the permanent bottom row)
  5. Clicked the Camera app
  6. Took her picture.

All of this took several seconds and I could tell that often she had missed the picture she wanted to takeIMG_4133. Some time ago, Apple recognized the benefit of quickly accessing the Camera app, so they have created a shortcut, starting from the Lock Screen:

  1. Press the on/off button to show the Lock Screen.
  2. Press and swipe up the Camera app icon in the bottom right corner. (see image)
  3. Take the picture.

This procedure takes only seconds because it does not require the passcode nor all those steps. This means that even someone who doesn’t know your passcode can take pictures, like at a family gathering and your phone is on the table in the kitchen but you’re outside playing and the perfect photo opportunity presents itself.

For the security minded, the iPhone will *not* let you look at the full Camera roll of the phone, only the pictures that were taking using this method, this time. This means, if you use this method and take two pictures and then the phone turns off again, when you use the method again, you will not have access to those two photos without the passcode.

Update 2018-10-28: Since I posted this article, Apple has made it even easier!

  1. Show Lock screen
  2. Swipe right-to-left
  3. Take picture

iPhone 6: Slow Motion (slo-mo)!

When I got my new iPhone 6 in October, I was merely trying to get a new iPhone because my old 4s was in such a sorry state that it was becoming unreliable and therefore unusable.

After the ordering and waiting fiasco I’ve written about earlier, it finally arrived and I was excited and couldn’t wait to having a working device. I went through the set-up, entered my Apple ID, sync’d it from backup and voilà! I was back in business.

I had a look at all the new apps, the new look to the old apps, and played around with everything little by little, day by day, app by app. Naturally, it was such a big update, that I didn’t discover everything immediately.

One thing I stumbled on fairly early was something I had never even heard mentioned before but was more exciting for me than anything else I’ve seen on the iPhone: slo-mo!

We were dog sitting during the late summer, went biking at a local park with a pond. At the end of our bike ride, we were in the gravel parking lot. I had shown my son how to skid the back wheel and he was practicing. I thought I’d get a video of it.

iPhone > slide up for Camera > landscape mode > scroll from Photo to Video and then….Slo-Mo! What’s this?!?!

I took the video and he skidded two feet away from me. We watched the video and saw the gravel flying up and it was simply beautiful!!! I was ecstatic! It was so easy, so awesome, so cool!

Needless to say, I’ve been taking slow motion videos of everything I can think of since then: eggs breaking, water balloon breaking, hitting a baseball, driving through a puddle, breaking big pieces of ice on a frozen lake, dogs running and playing, swans landing….Every day, I think – ooh! That would be so much fun to see in slow motion!

If you haven’t discovered it, try it out! You’ll be amazed.