What to do if your install disks don’t work

I had a client call me the other day. He had purchased a new desktop and was trying to install Microsoft Office onto it using his original Microsoft media. But, for some reason, it kept getting stuck on one particular file.

He tried cleaning the DVD. He tried copying the files to the computer. Nothing worked. So, he called me, asking “What can I do?”

Here’s what I do. I download a copy of the software from the many torrent sites around.

Yes, many people use torrents to illegally download music, movies and software, but this doesn’t fall into the illegal category. The client has a legal Product Key and a copy of the software; it’s just scratched or damaged in some way and can’t be used to install.

The software that can be found all over the internet for download is not illegal. It’s a backup, if you will. Downloaded software becomes illegal if you use a stolen Product Key or something is done to get around the product key requirement. But, if you use your legal and purchased Product Key, everything is fine.

Problem Solved. Case Closed.